Fayner Posts: I swung by the Hustler office last week to remind them why they pay me the big bucks, my usual fucked-up-but-oh-so-talented self floating through the tacky hallways with the grace of a billy goat in heat.

Now that’s graceful.

I picked up the last ten months or so of past issues I hadn’t received in the mail for some reason or another.

In the newest issue November 2007 which may be on the newstands now has an awesome letter which actor Sean Penn wrote to Prez. Bush about the whole war thing going on in the Middle East as well as here on America soil. It is quite amazing how passionate the man is about ending the war. That’s worth $8.99 right there.

Also, in next month’s issue December 2007 which comes out September 18, is my blissful piece about a normal day in the life of Hillary Scott, in which I tagged along as she did what good whores do when they’re not getting pounded hard in the rump. It’s one of my best works ever, so all my loyal fans should pick up a copy or two and use it as their new bible.

For I am Fayner Almighty.

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