Fayner Posts: I’m reading that Lucy Lee is once again doing jail time. This ain’t the first time. It won’t be the last. Here is an exclusive report from back in 2003 about the last time Lucy got busted. Enjoy.

Fayner Posts: A source outside of the smut racket informed me on Saturday morning at around six that Asian porn actress Lucy Lee is behind bars. So I shot a call over to Ben English at LA Direct Models to find out if this was in fact the truth. Turns out it is.

Ben phoned me back on his way from visiting Lucy in jail. Although he’s cautious of leaking too much information on the who what where when and why of the situation, he did say that Lucy violated her parole which led to her arrest and incarceration. Asked if this has anything to do with her recent ejection from a porn party stemming from an altercation of some kind, Ben said no.

“It’s quite serious,” he told me.

I agree. Jail is never a joke.

Updating to a small degree on the recent incarceration of Lucy Lee, I’ve been told her probation was violated when she was arrested in a stolen car. Not wanting to become an accessory to Grand Theft Auto, I meddled no more into the specifics of the sad affair.

Lucy is the absolute best chick for Hustler’s Jail Babes series, if they’re still putting that out.

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