CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Metro Interactive is holding a sale for retailers during the last weeks of summer on ready-made floor displays stocked with some of the top ethnic titles produced by sister label Video Team.

Said sales chief Christian Mann, “It’s a POP convenience item for retailers to be able to take one of our better lines and just receive it in, crack open the case and have an instant display — ready, stocked, ready to go.”

“What we did is we took a selection of the Video Team hits from the all-black, interracial, Asian and Latin titles,” Mann continued. “It’s a sort of cross-section of titles that represent what Video Team is about, both gonzos and features. The display holds 12 titles, six deep, and the way it works is, when the retailer gets it, the pieces are already packed into the display; he just mounts it on top of the base, and boom, instant POP!”

Mann further noted that the display was created in response to customer demand, reporting, “Customers are saying, ‘Hey, we want ethnic,’ and ‘ethnic’ is sort of a large umbrella for a variety of smaller sub-genres, so we decided to give them a little bit from every one of the categories that we consider to be ethnic.”

Emphasizing that the titles are priced to sell, Mann added, “In a market which seems to be flooded, there is no surplus of good ethnic product. There’s a deficit of good ethnic product. And we’re here to fill that void.”

Retailers interested in obtaining the display should contact their sales rep at Metro or their distributor. Contact information for Metro is: (818) 885-2800 (p); (818) 885-2810 (f).

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