Fayner Posts: I was laying in bed last night with like four drugged-up porno chicks who were all servicing me while watching television. Well, I was watching TV, they were all fighting over my dick.

I stopped by Leno for a minute, and he began talking about that story about the guy who was suing over a picture that was taken of his dick and the nickname “Italian Sausage” that came afterwards. I also mentioned that story here. But before Jay did. That makes me funnier and better than him.

Anyway, low and behold, the guy goes and says the same damn thing I did about why a man with such a great nickname would give two shits in the first place. Top-notch stuff we’re talking about here.

Does Jay Leno read LukeFord.com? Is that where he gets his rocks off, as well as most of his better content?

I think yes.

Or no.

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