Fayner Posts: Happy Monday! Hope your weekends were full of the kinds of exploits that would melt readers eyes if we posted them here, wild lesbian trysts and threeways and ZJ’s. That kind of stuff.

Okay fine, DCypher just wrote that in his post below, but I just had to steal it from him and use it as my own. So eloquent, so free. Not sure what a ZJ is though, but I liked it anyway.

Anyhoo, a “friend” of mine came up with this cool 9-11 theory that makes a whole lot of sense if you ask me.

You see, my friend believes that the African Americans plotted the attacks against New York and D.C. in order to make the whites hate a people more than they do the blacks. And it worked! A black man can do just about anything he wants these days as long as there is an arab guy wearing a towel on his head within 100 yeards of him. No, its true. Try it for yourself.

Good for the African Americans. Its about time. As a Jew, I too understand about being hated by everyone, but you have taken the shitty end of the stick for far too long. I thought after WW2 the Japanese would take your place as the most hated/feared people but the wires got crossed or something and you all got fucked again.

But no longer! Welcome to the “real party”. Get nice and comfortable, too, ’cause you’re not going anywhere for a long long time. Prolly spend the rest of eternity here, so just kick up your feet and start making an ass groove in the couch. We’re glad to finally have you. Oh, but no rap music okay?

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