Fayner Posts: Dez and I were watching televison earlier, cuddling together under a blanket as Scrubs played. In the show, “The Todd” tells J.D. if he’s gonna crash on his couch he has to throw on a Speedo. Somehow that went to some pic I saw years ago of Julian (Jordan Rivers) on a gay box cover wearing a tangerine speedo, which went to Lumberjack Gangbang, which went to – yikes – gay porn and that is where we enter the conversation.

Fayner: Do guys do double-anal in gay porn?

Dez: I don’t know! You’re the fag, not me!

Fayner: No I’m not! You are!

Dez: Well, I’ve never seen a picture of a guy with a baseball bat in his ass. But there has to be a Bella Donna of the gay porn world.

Fayner: Geez, you think so? That’s kinda gross.

Dez: Well, those prison guys hide shanks in their ass.

Fayner: Hardly a bat, though.

Dez: You ever seen one of those things. They’re long and sharp. Imagine that in your ass.

Fayner: Can we change subjects?

Can anyone help us here without us having to find out for ourselves? Thanks. And please don’t send any pictures cause we dont want to see them. Thanks. Send to faynerpornbiz@hotmail.com

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