Lisa Marie Supastah!Fayner Posts: The other night around 10 my penis began tingling. It wanted attention. So I called Lisa Marie.

I headed over to her house in my Mercedes convertable to pick her up, as we were gonna head out to some Valley bar for a few drinks before getting naked. There was a guy in her room when I got there playing the guitar for her. Her ex-boyfriend.

Now why, I must ask, would one bother trying to impress a chick like Lisa Marie when to get her to suck your cock all you really need to do is take out your cock and let her see it.

So we were heading to the bar. The guy wanted to come along, but because I have a 2 seater he couldn’t come with us. He said he was gonna skip it. Sweet.

But when we got there the guy was already there. And guess what? He doesn’t like me very much, giving me dirty looks and shit while Lisa grinded her ass against me. Whatever, right?

We got out of there and went back to her place. Some other people came too. They all hung in the kitchen, I stayed in Lisa’s room laying in her bed. Soon she came in.

Minute later and Lisa’s mounting me, getting ready to do her talented mouth tricks on my dick.

Then her ex-boyfriend comes in, sees that we’re seconds from doing something dirty, and instead of leaving the douche comes in and sits down on floor, begins talking to us and smoking my cigarette’s.

Now I was kinda fucked up, in no shape to drive, but it seemed that this guy wasn’t planning on letting me get some tail. Eventually, just as he hoped, I got up and announced I had to go. I snorted a huge line so that I’d be alert enough for the drive, and left.

That guy fucking blows.

(ed note: this is the second time in a row hanging out with Lisa Marie that I haven’t gotten any action. Am I that lame?)

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