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OMG, I’m almost finished editing this video! Thank God. I’m gonna have to get lasik surgery all over again….lol…. Anyhow, other than that, I’ve been doing my other priorities such as calling Senators, the White House comment line 202-456-1111, and faxing all sorts of stuff. I think everyone should comment to the White House, after all that’s why they have the number and we the tax-payers pay for the phone bill!!!
Is anyone else disgusted that our congressmen take vacations on our dime? And congressmen who’ve been convicted of mis-using funds are sitting in the federal pen, collecting their 126k a year pensions? I’s official, our government and democracy is just a hollow shell. And they are date-raping us!!! I thought “no” means “no.” But they continute to promise and not deliver. Bring Bills back that have been out voted….. etc…. I think if there were a huge group of people, let’s say 20,000+more, who refused to pay taxes until they show us exactly there budget spending, it would be awesome.
The point is that I dread paying taxes next year. Not that I want to take away from mine and your grandparents SS, but if I can’t afford a vaction, I don’t need to pay for congressmen’s vacations. Or if I can’t afford to have a kid, I shouldn’t be paying for “anchor babies” or their (illeagal parents having the kids) interpreters. This is just something I obviously feel passionate about, and it really pisses me off! I urge everyone to call there Senators and tell them you “oppose” this Immigration Bill aka shamnesty bill.
On to a brighter side of things, this is a slow season for feature dancing. When I get some worthwhile bookings, I’ll post them up here and my website So you’ll know when and where I’ll be appearing!
Also, thank you for your comments on my recents blogs. I really appreciate it! So that’s it, I’ll check back in with ya later!


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