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Katie Holmes vs. porn star Katee Holmes? Who will prevail? (Courtesy Paramount Pictures)


An irate Katie Holmes is threatening legal action against an actress who changed her name to Katee Holmes and plans to lose her virginity in a porn movie. Hoo Raah.

“Katee Holmes”, the 18-year-old porn-star-virgin, a living, breathing oxymoron is represented by Shy Love, an experienced figure in the porn industry. Love told the press, “She’s using the name as a tribute to Katie, who has always portrayed innocence in whatever she has done.”

In an interview with the New York Post, Katee said, “I know it’s pretty extreme to lose my virginity on camera, but I like the fulfillment and excitement I get from watching porn, so I figured a movie was the best place for me to lose it. How many people wished they could relive their first experience, if not to remember it but to learn from it right?”

Reports say that Tom Cruise will stand behind his wife if she decides to take legal action against porn star Katee.

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