Fayner Posts: Ive not been excited like this in quite some time. But on mother’s day (or as I call it “Fayner’s Day” (because I reunited Taylor with her mother a few years back after they hadn’t spoken in quite a while) TR’s mom says to me like she does everytime she’s drunk…

“I want to do a ‘Ask Mama Rain’ column on LukeFord!”

Like every other time she’s blurted this out, I’ve replied that I think it’s a wonderful idea.

“That is,” I always say, “as long as you let someone screen the questions beforehand.”


Everyone laughed but her. She couldn’t figure out why we thought letting people send her emails without anyone reading them first was a bad idea. I explained that some of the people withint this business are less than kind at moments. IN other words, they’ll tear the bitch apart without even trying.

But we’re gonna go through with it anyway, ‘cause we like seeing ex-porno chick’s mother’s cry.

So, got a question for Taylor Rain’s mother? Well, then send ‘em to and I promise to get them to her right away minus all the cruelty that’s sure to be included.

Happy writing!

And be nice, okay, for once in your lives? An old lady’s sanity is at stake here.

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