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So I am at the airport and this is by far the craziest trip yet!!! I will start off by telling u I had like 6 hrs to kick it at home after vegas and I flew out here knowing i had a peice of glass in my leg….. Which happened during a photoshoot in vegas. K now I am in costa rica which is very beautiful but lets not forget folks it is a 3rd world out here… The coast was beautiful and I was looking foward to maybe trying out some surfing while I was here but what happens next is re-dick… So this lil peice of glass decides is want to get infected and I am not talking put some shit on it it will get better but I am talking call an abulance and get them here she is down for the count type shit. K again let me just say there is no power where we are staying from the hrs of 3 to 6 pm which was cool cause we were done shooting for the coffee table book at that time anyways which means we go to beach or lay out or just start drinking and parting nigga so. This ambulance pulls up and I get carried out and they with out numbing the area first start pressing on it and they are all speaking fucking spanish KKKKKK… With the amount of pressure on my knee they go we are gonna numb the area and have a look inside see if we see the glass out come the needles and away they go I am in so much pain I dont give a fuck get the fucking thing out my leg so after they sit there and fuck my shit up they find nothing!!!!! Well had I not been surrounded with the amaizing people I was with I would have killed someone!!! I got back to this house we were staying at which might I add is fucking re-dick as well 9 bedrooms and all these different levels and a chef that cooked amazing food for us and the veiw of the ocean just sick!! I had a great time despite the knee injury thank god for Holly, Allan, Wendy, Ned, David and our very own Hunky SANTA HA!!!! Cause I don’t know man they said the infection was so bad that if I had waited anymore it would spread to my blood and I probably would have died…. I am sure once these drugs I am on wear off I will re-write this so it makes more sence but I will be home at 11pm tonight and I am done with this shit for a hot min!!!

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