Belladonna writes:

Okay, so about my shoot yesterday for Fetish Fanatic 6! August… she got into adult a year after me, I met her then, and have known about her since then… So why in the hell didn’t we ever work together before? I guess the timing wasn’t right but she sure was worth the wait. August is all natural (which I prefer) and has a great bubble butt that begs to be spanked, breasts that your mouth waters for and goddamn did her cooter taste great! I had to keep telling her that if she wanted me to stop sucking on her, just tell me to stop. She never told me! I could suck on that pussy all day long and never get bored of it! August is another all around GREAT performer with a killer attitude and body to match! I guess I just have luck with the ladies these days. I’ll be seeing more of August that’s for sure… and so will you!

After the shoot, I cleaned up and sanitized, then went back to work. I had asked to see a new girl in the business who I think is just super sexy and I really want to work with her bad. Her name is Paige Taylor. I’ve decided that I’m going to have the girls I’ve never shot or seen in person before, come to my place and do a "Show and Tell". That way, I can make sure they look the same as their pictures and that they don’t have any strange rashes or marks on their bodies. Believe me people, I have seen girls show up on set with things you wouldn’t believe on their butts and other random areas. This way I don’t waste my time or the quality of my movies! πŸ™‚ Needless to say, I was satisfied with Paige and I just love her body, another natural beauty with an ass do die for! I’ll be seeing her next month and probably the month after that.

Oh I also had Jason from the 213 on set yesterday to finish his story. He seemed to have enjoyed himself very much! This was his first time to ever watch a porn shoot and I think he was impressed. I will let you know when the story comes out!

Today, we hired a new production assistant and I am super excited about being able to get more work done. Her name is Ashley and she’s already improved my daily work. She will be helping with scheduling, model releases, w9’s, id’s, movie files, updating the sites, shooting some behind the scenes, running errands and so much more! This means I can get ahead of myself and maybe even take a vacation one day. And on a very depressing note, Aiden has been pulling his hair out over the new G5 we got. He got it all setup and started editing on it, and the harddrives started failing. One of them complete died. The one with all of the vital information that wasn’t backed up anywhere else… good one Aiden! And the other was just being flakey! He has now been up for over 24 hours trying to get it fixed while also trying to master Manhandled 2. Poor man… he seems a wreck. Oh and he also got some virus on his over mac, which is weird because he says Macs don’t get viruses. But everytime he goes to my website, there are popups from myspace that show up, but its ONLY on this computer, it doesn’t do it on any other computers, and it happens in FireFox AND Safari… it only goes away if he restarts the computer, but then comes back in like 10 minutes of web browsing. Let’s see. Oh yeah and he has too much equipment plugged into this office, so if he turns on too many things, he pops the breaker and has to go all the way down to the garage to reset it, he did it 4 times today. I think I’ve just witnessed him age 5 years before my very eyes. I think I’ll go relieve him of his duties and give him some head! πŸ™‚ Aren’t I nice?

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