Belladonna blogs:

You may think I’ve been slacking in the blog department and I admit I have but, I always have great reasons as to why I do so. So much to do, so little time. Does anyone recall my cloning idea? Where did I leave off… oh yes, on Friday the 20th I had a three-way scheduled with me, Tony T. and a girl named Jade. Everything was going smoothly until we got the video camera out. Aiden realized that the cum from the Jada Fire shoot the day before had been left on the lens over night and it actually ATE through the special coating on the lens. We decided to cancel the scene and sent Jade home bummed out. Boo Man Cum!! But, I was far too horny to let Tony T and his amazing fuck skills just walk away as well. I was determined to have him inside of me that day so I had to basically FORCE Aiden to go out and find a lens replacement and many hours later we shot Tony and I for the final needed scene to complete, Manhandled 2!

I’m absolutely in love with fucking Tony because he is just so much fun and turns me on like crazy! There are quite a few girls in the industry who have Tony on their "NO" list, my brain is boggled. Why? This guy is one of the best male performers out there! It blows me away. You know what really does it for me? It’s when someone is truly into me. That’s it, that’s all it takes. I just cannot stand to have sex with someone that really is not turned on by me. What’s the point? I am a pleaser and my sexual partners always come first in my eyes. Am I a dream girl, or what? CLONES!!!! I want them to enjoy every second that they’re with me and I never stop giving until of course they leave. I am one lucky lady! I get to have sex with whoever I choose and capture it all on camera. I even turned Tony on so much that day, he came twice! Once in my mouth and once down my gaping anal tunnel! Of course we all know that I’m not allowed to release anal pop-shots on my DVDs, so this anal cream pie is for my website members only!! Yummy, I haven’t done that in years! Thanks Tony for giving me a great time!! I love you… 🙂

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