Received an email today from Tiffany Taylor… apparently AVN tried contacting her to find out what her status was. Vivid announced after her car accident she was healing well and couldn’t wait to get back to shooting. Then she disappeared from the LA Direct site and now this…………

Hey 🙂

I haven’t really spoken to anyone to make this official. AVN called me looking for a comment but I just told them I had no comment, so this scoop is for you guys at Lukeford. I have left the business for good, im in South Beach. I’m at a University of Florida! Go Gators! I know i haven’t been in touch but i had a lot on my plate like moving and getting adjusted. I haven’t spoken to anyone about me leaving, I just packed up and left.

I swear I can never imagine me going back to making movies. I’m not speaking down on my girls that are in the industry, but for me, I’m over it.

Write back!

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