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XRCO Awards Drama!!! Some people are plain dumb!

The whole night started out weird.  I was running late.  I was supposed to pick up Monstar a.k.a. Alex at 7:00pm, and it was already 7:20 by the time I left my house.  Once I finished getting ready I got into my car and drove as fast as I could to pick up Monstar who is my publicist and a dear friend.

I finally get to his place, pick up his ass and on the way to the XRCO Awards we go.  It took us about 15 minutes to get there.  We find parking, park the car, walk to the club where the awards were being held.  There is a ton of press and media outside as well as a huge line up.  Of course I didn’t have to wait, thank god.  I do my red carpet walk, get my pictures taken, do interviews with different reporters and inside we go.

Alex (Monstar) and I hit the bar and order a drink each.  Then we decided to make our rounds and walk around say hello to people.  I make it a point to take out my camera and take a bunch of pictures with other adult stars, some are friends and some are just acquaintances.  Once we did our rounds, we came back to the front room where there is a bar, the entrance through which every one came in after the red carpet, and a few booths around for those who wished to sit down.

Next thing you know Lucy Lee, Jessica Jaymes and a cute blonde walk in.  I was so happy to see them!  I haven’t seen Lucy and Jessica in forever.  We start talking, taking pictures and decide to go the bar and grab another drink.  We get our drinks, get our pictures taken again by photographers and so on.  At this point we were having a blast mingling among our peers. Then I turn around and see Tera Patrick and her husband Evan Seinfeld sitting in one of the booths.  Evan gives me a dirty look (just in case you guys don’t know, Tera and Evan owe me a lot of money, as well as to Lucy).  So obviously they weren’t happy to see me, let alone Lucy. 

Lucy went up to Evan to congratulate him on his weight loss, since he’s lost a ton of weight.  I go back to the bar and see that Lucy stayed behind, talking to Tera and Evan.  At this point I don’t know what was said between them, but then I see Tera get up and pour a bottle of water on Lucy.  Lucy in return threw her wine at Tera.  They were about to fight, and Evan got in between and called for security.  Lucy was drenched with water that Tera poured on her.  (Tera used to be an alcoholic, so now she has to stick to water…)  Lucy is getting taken out by security outside, then Tera sees me and says "get this blonde bitch out of here too!".  I was like "What?"  What did I do?  The security didn’t throw me out at first because I didn’t do anything and they saw that, nor did I start anything.  However, after some time Tera went into the bathroom with Evan to clean up.  She apparently told the XRCO Awards (which she was hosting with Evan) organizer that she refuses to start the show unless if I’m kicked out of the premisses.

The bouncers came up to me and nicely asked me to leave.  In return I asked why.  They had no answer, but at the same time they couldn’t kick me out because there was no reason besides Tera being a bitch and refusing to start hosting the show unless I leave.  Then the XRCO organizer came up to me and asked me to leave.  I was livid at this point.  I couldn’t believe that this was happening.  High school shit!  Since Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld owe me a lot of money for services rendered and so on while I was under contract with their company, I had filed a law suit against them.  For that reason they can’t stand me because I stood up for myself and decided not to let them step all over me by not paying me the money they owed me.  

Alex (Monstar) calmed me down and took me outside so I could cool off.  I see Lucy outside all soaked from Tera’s water being poured on her.  (Funny how Tera attacked Lucy first and yet because she’s Tera and the host of XRCO awards, Lucy had to be kicked out).  So then I see the event promoter and I explain the whole situation to him and why Tera would want me out of the XRCO Awards, because of my law suit against Tera and Evan.  The promoter gets me back in, the security were totally fine with it because they knew they had no grounds to kick me out of the place.  I was there having a good time, but once again Evan and Tera managed to ruin my night.  I am so GLAD that I am no longer under contract with their company.  Being their contract girl was the worst experience I’ve ever had in the adult industry. 

Long story short, even though Tera tried to ruin my night I managed to have a good time with my friends and take a lot more pictures.  This just shows what kind of immature people Evan and Tera are.

I had to write all this out before I went to bed since it’s still fresh in my mind.

I hate drama and those who bring it!  There is a reason "those two" are not liked by many in the adult industry.  I have many reasons not to like them as well, and tonight was another reason.


Here with Luke Ford at the XRCO awards, after the whole drama trying to finally have a good time!

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