The 4 best smells in the world….fresh cut grass, fresh tar/asphalt, bacon cooking, bread baking. The next person who uses the word "cum" in place of "come" will be shot!….I fucking hate that!….it’s so lame and so cheeseball. I get that I’m in porn but please spare me the pun. Regarding my ink work, my right arm and lower back was done by Greg James, Sunset Strip Tattoo, Hollywood….my left upper arm was done by Eddy Deutsche, Santa Monica. Vulgar = Blocked… that simple. Once again, I understand I’m in porn and I post some sexy, revealing, questionable images of myself and you might think I’m "asking for it"….but the last thing I want to read is your gross, graphic details of what you want to do to me. What makes you think I want to read that shit….I don’t even like sex!..it’s totally over-fuckin’-rated!!!I do enjoy posting different types of pics though and I hope you enjoy looking at them….so(for some), please try and be considerate with your comments. I mean really?…what kinda girl do you think I am?…..haha. Correction 7/7 – I guess I have to clear a couple things up….#1 I LOVE sex, I LIVE for it, I was being sarcastic/my weak attempt at humor. #2 Many are trippin’ on the "tar smell"…it brings back the memory of being 10 yrs. old and running around like a wild child on a hot Ca. summer day soon after they paved my cul-de-sac. O.K…..I’m going to try and say this as politely as I can without calling anyone "pussyhurt crybabies". I appreciate everyone who takes the time to send me a comment or message but unfortunitly there is no way I can reply to all of them. I wish I could….I wish I could give each and everyone of you a blow-job and cook you a delicious home cooked meal….but I physically can’t. Many will then say "It’s only 30 seconds out of your busy schedule…why not just this one"? Well, Mr. Smartguy, it adds up and by the time I attempt to make everybody happy here I’ve got 2 REALLY pissed off kids ready to take a bat to my computer. So PLEASE, don’t take it personally. I’ll do what I can here but not at the risk of bumming out my family. Besides, if you only knew what a total dork I really am you’d realize you’re not missing much! It seems there has been a small debate goin’ on if, infact, I have an GINORMOUS head …for the record, it is large. On occasion I need to wear a brace just to keep the damn thing from falling forward….cause that’s really embarrassing especially when I start to drool all over myself….not a pretty sight. There, I feel much better…I’ve come clean with my "over-sized" head…next I’ll tell you how I’ve hidden my stubby tail all these years. Oh yeah, say HI to my little sis Kristine (Dog-ma)…..you fuck with her and I will find you and slit your throat! Peace.

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