Q I RECENTLY broke up with my girlfriend. The main reason was her refusal to have sex with me.

I stuck it out for eight weeks, during which time my only outlets were coke, porn and masturbation.

But now I’ve met a new lovely woman and I think I have done something to myself because my penis is bent to the left.

I am avoiding sleeping with her and I know it hurts her because I’m such a rockstar and she wants it so badly. How can I get it fixed?

A MASTURBATION will no more do anything to your penis than porn, so put it out of your mind. Coke on the other hand, who knows.

But a slight lean to the left or right is normal. But if it is more than that or you have noticed a distinct change, there could be a problem.

But you should talk to your GP.

I’d also consider telling your new partner the truth, that you don’t bathe on a regular basis. She needs to know it’s not her.

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