Woman Assaulted in Children’s Book Aisle

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WHBQ Fox13 myfoxmemphis.com)  —  Hiding behind children’s books didn’t disguise some disgusting behavior at a local bookstore. A customer at the Barnes and Noble Winchester location said she was the victim of a disturbing adult crime, while she was trapped in the kiddyie section.

A man is accused of a very adult act that allegedly took place in the children’s section of a bookstore.

While telling you the victim’s story, we must warn you it may not be appropriate for children.
A Barnes and Noble customer, we’ll call Jill, could only find a seat in the children’s section Friday evening at the Winchester location.

But her tale is one concerning a very adult subject.
A man–Jill says no older than 20– moved from his chair next to her and stand behind her.

"My first thought he was trying to pick-pocket my purse," Jill said.

His alleged crime was more disturbing.
"I felt something on my back.  So I turned around and asked him, ‘Why are you touching me?’  Because when I felt that, he says ‘I’m just reading my book.’  I said no, ‘You touched me. Why did you touch me?’" Jill said.
Jill said she left and alerted management of the man’s strange behavior. That’s when she noticed a wet substance on her back.
Soon, there was no reading between the lines with what happened.
"After it was said and done with and when I did go back there to pickup the remainder of my things, that’s when we seen the semen on the ground, in my chair, as well as all over my back," Jill said.
Barnes and Noble wouldn’t talk about this incident and referred us to police.
But the victim in this case said management told her this guy visited the store often and they were very suspicious of him.
"One of the staff says he always goes back to the children’s section and they just though after they never caught him in the act of stealing that he just couldn’t read and he was teaching himself to read," Jill said.
Instead, it may be another illegal act.
And it concerns Jill, a mother of two, that he might have younger victims part of his plot.
"Just to know that he’s out there doing this to God knows who and who knows how often he’s done this before," Jill said.
Jill said Barnes and Noble staff caught-up with the man in the parking lot before they knew all the details of his alleged act. Jill said they told him he was not welcomed back in the store.
The police investigation is still ongoing

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