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Okay so lets just start the story with fuck what a plane ride… I get there and it was so fucking beautiful!!! I did not really wanna come home just cause I have so much work to handle right now and life is crazy. While I was there I ran the biggest muck I think I have ran in the HISTORY OF BOBERT KNOX!!!! I met so many amazing people that were so chill and we all partied our asses off!!! There will be a video that is being edited that I will post in a few days. Thanks Kevin. I did get a chance along with Bella Dona and this smoking ass euro. girl named tiger lilly or something like that to raise a grip of money for prostate cancer in a auction of a picture with us… HOT… Okay now to the part of the trip where I ditch out all these after partys went back to my room with a hot group of AUSSIE peeps and order up 12 packs of beer and bottle of black label and we handeled that shit. We kicked it and we talked politics and got so wasted it was so cool to chill with peeps that were so interesting discusing music, porn, war ect… Okay so its the last day and I have to say good bye I took a grip of shots with all the peeps from the convention and was rather say to go… To Be Continued… Oh wait thats right I went to this local bar with my hommie K dog aka Kevin and you gotta understand this Kevin is a pretty big dude and can try and keep up with me but man I think that night I must of put his shit to the test we did it like ROCKSTARS THAT NIGHT!!!!! Well wait the best part so I am on the plane with kev and it is a full flight and I am like well even if I get stuck sitting by this one guy oh well he is very cute…Some how we get into a convo and I find out that he has a very intersting job one most commenly to be a fetish for peeps like me. All I have to say is he can use his handcuffs on me lock me up bust out the guns and the night stick. I dont want to put him on blast of what he does for a living I am sure you guys can figure it out if not use ur fucking imagination!!!!


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