Dear Friends and fans,

  I want to say thank you all again for your support and also keep you updated on the next two movies i’ll be shooting. March 26-28 i’ll be shooting Femme Fatale with an amazing director Ethan Cane. It’s a Dick Tracy meets Gothem City look and plot which I can’t wait to shoot espesially since I was told we’ll be shooting in an old hospital / loon ward where they shoot tons of movies such a freddy kruger and it’s said to be haunted. The next one is called Eden by director Daniel Dakota of Lady Scarface and Pulp Friction. Carmen Luvana and I among with a few unknown at the moment will be in Hawaii for 10 days shooting A&E’s biggest budget movie of the  year and that will be a sort of Fantasy Island (for those of you that remember) "Da Plane" haha. One more thing April 2007 Penthouse has a beautiful layout that Febuary 95 Pet Emma Nixon shot of me. She proves to not only be as beautiful as 12 years ago but an amazing photographer and make-up artist (she did both the make-up and the photography) Brett Bereny taught her well. Thank you all so so much.


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