Tory Lane writes


Hi everybody!!

I had the best time last weekend at the Spearmint Rhino in Cali and I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who came out and saw me!!

I can’t believe how many of you guys actually came up to me and told me you were my myspace friends!….I was so amazed and I really, really appreciated it!!

I was kinda wondering if this myspace promoting really worked, and boy did you guys show me that it does!!!!!!


I added a brand new feature on my page today!

Its called an Eventful Demander! Its allows all of my amazing fans to "demand" that i come to your town and make an appearance, sign autographs or dance at your local club!!!

You guys can make any requests that you want and I will ask my agency to do everything they can to get me to the places I’m demanded the most!!!

Don’t be shy….if you want me to come to your town it cant hurt to ask, right???

Tell your friends to tell their friends and the more people in your town that want to see me, the better chance i have of getting my agency to book me there!!

So have fun and tell me what you think of the new feature!

I love you all and an extra special THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see me last weekend in Cali!!



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