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So….  Last night me and Lisa (Marie) roll out to this club at a fishermans warf…. Penis FEST… serious. There was a total of maybe 25 girls… After paying a 10$ cover charge. " I was just thinking that they would be dieing to get girls in and have no cover.. maybe its just me?" lol… We get inside to see 2$ shots…. Maybe I’m a lil old school, but fuck, if ur a guy at a bar, wanting to get laid, the LEAST you could do is buy me a 2$ shot… But… No. Not one. "I’m not meaning to sound bitchy, but ONE SHOT for VERY good chance in me or Lisas pants? …. ok. This is what lisas thoughts of the situation were…The look on her face = "wtf"

So… have no fear, long story shorter.. We met a man in uniform. :: DROOL :: And thats how we ended up watching the sunset with him. Kainoa. : ) It was my first sunset on the beach ever. One of the best memories I have.

Its surreal. I love this town. : )

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