A lab test has confirmed that a man sexually assaulted a dead female goat found recently. “It’s definitely human DNA that we’re working with,” said Dee

Thompson-Poirrier, director of animal services with the Panhandle Animal

Welfare Society.

The test indicated that semen found in the goat belonged to a man.

A suspect has still not been named, but the goat’s owners in north.

Okaloosa County have tentatively identified someone who may be responsible for sexually assaulting the animal, Thompson-Poirrier said.

And it may not have been the first time the goat was sexually assaulted. Its previous owners live nearby and reported noticing a swelling similar to the swelling noted at the time of the goat’s recent death, said Thompson-Poirrier

It does not appear that the individual intentionally killed the goat, which was pregnant with two kids, she added. The complication of the pregnancy — the goat had almost carried the kids full term — caused an additional strain that was too much for the goat’s heart, Thompson-Poirrier said.

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