Skeeter….. call me back. My battery died last night and it didn’t record your number on my caller ID. Call me back and lets finish our discussion.

In case any one is wondering what the FUCK I’m talking about. Last night I got a welcomed phone call from my long time friend Skeeter Kerkove…. I’ve known Skeeter for a few years now. I’ve seen him go through ups and downs, seen him crazy, happy, angry, paranoid. But last night for the first time in a LONG TIME…. I truly enjoyed talking to Skeeter. It was the most rational and thoughtful I ever heard him. STILL maintaining his passion for each subject he broaches… but with a clarity and rationality I’ve never heard before.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s the same Skeeter, passionate about perversity…. but it’s also a new Skeeter; all business, professional and with a solid vision of what he’s doing now and for the future.

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