Superman producer faces sex case

Superman Returns producer Jon Peters is being sued by his former assistant for alleged sexual harassment.

Jon Peters and actress Barbra Streisand Shelly Morita claims Mr Peters often grabbed and kissed her and made "rude, sexual and disparaging comments", reports Associated Press.

Ms Morita also claims the 61-year-old producer exposed himself to her three-year-old daughter.

A representative for Mr Peters, whose credits include Batman and Rain Man, could not be contacted for comment.

Ms Morita, who is seeking undisclosed damages, began working for Mr Peters in February 2005 but resigned after a year.

She claims the film-maker created a hostile work environment that eventually forced her to leave.

During filming of Superman Returns in Australia in July 2005, Mr Peters got into her hotel room bed and refused to leave, alleges Ms Morita.

Ms Morita also claims Mr Peters exposed himself to her and her daughter at his ranch, saying, "Look what boys have!" and later joked about it to other employees.

Mr Peters has worked as producer or executive producer on more than 40 films.

Superman Returns They include many iconic titles such as 1976’s A Star is Born with Barbra Streisand, An American Werewolf in London and The Color Purple.

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