Which Spice Girl said that? Find out here…!

© ok magazine - geri halliwell coverPregnancy can do a lot of things to a woman, but as one pop star found out, the effect on her bra size turned her into something out of a XXX movie. Talking to OK! Magazine, Spice Girl Geri Halliwell said she went up three cup sizes during her pregnancy; ‘During pregnancy my boobs went massive – I looked like a porn star! Having babies can be a breast-wrecker, but because I’ve worn really good bras my boobs seem to be OK. [Breastfeeding] really helped me get back in shape – you can actually feel the uterus pulling back into place.’

Geri tells how she breastfed Bluebell for the first six months, but is now switching to the bottle; ‘ "At the beginning I felt like a complete milk machine. I think it will be nice to get my body back to myself. I had to plan carefully if I wanted to go out because my boobs would start leaking everywhere which was embarrassing. I was having a business meeting with quite an attractive man and I left the meeting and noticed there was a massive white patch on my blouse. I was so embarrassed.’

And it seems as if young Bluebell will be brought up as a British Bluebell. Geri is planning to do most of her childraising here in the UK because, as she explains, ‘I want her to have a British accent, which I think is the best in the world!’

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