Episode Three

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"The Awakening"

Starring: Mia Rose, Ava Rose, Taylor Rain, Jessica Jaymes and Nick Manning

The adventure continues with the elven priest Tiana and her half sister, Remus.

Remus is sent on a quest to awaken a demon of the night. She has must gather a set of articles in order to complete the ritual.

However, all is not simple as Remus enlists the help of Tiana to obtain an item.

This episode is 20 minutes and features Taylor Rain in a special one off production for Whorecraft. (Yeahh go Tay-Tay!!)

Girls of Whorecraft

Taylor Rain


Taylor Rain has been one of adults biggest stars since 2001. Her hobbies include shopping, smoking pot, snowboarding, surfing, and sex! Taylor has also been featured on Howard Stern several times as well as Rolling Stone magazine. Recently retired she made a special appereance for us in Whorecraft episode 3.

Offscreen, Taylor frequently contributes to Fayner’s porn industry gossip website www.lukeford.com.

Jessica Jaymes


Born in 1979 Jessica Jaymes hails from Anchorage, AK. At the tender age of 20 Jessica jumped into the world of adult modeling and movies. She is going strong and appears in beautifully shot Wicked movies like Pin Ups and Island Girls. She’d like to own a production company one day, but for now is happy performing in front of the cameras.

Mia Rose


Born and raised in Alaska, Mia moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in the Adult Entertainment industry. Mia takes her job very seriously and is happy to talk to fans, pose for pictures and even sign autographs!

She spends a lot of her free time on her computer playing games or just chatting online. Mia’s favour color is red and loves roses! (Hence the name!)

Monica Mayhem


Monica grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, then made the big move to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia when she was 16.

She loves surfing, kick-boxing, and many different kinds of sports – you name it, she’s probably played it. Monica practices Wicca, so I guess you could call her a witch!

Monica also loves to sing and dance, and is currently in the process of pursuing a music career.

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