Chatsworth, CA – Billy Glide Productions announces our new aggressive affiliate incentive program. Our affiliate program offers payouts starting at 25% on initial sign ups and 25% of the reoccurring. Higher percentages and bonuses will be paid to affiliates generating high amounts of traffic. We are currently working on a bonus level tiered program and some different incentive programs which we will announce in the near future.


To roll out our new affiliate program we are offering new affiliates the ability to offer access to all 3 of our sites including our new site,, and our soon to be released site. For a limited time the content for all of these sites has been compiled into one site to make navigating easy. Anyone signing up during this promotion will maintain access to all 3 sites even after the program ends. consists of hysterical clips of extreme sex acts that you may have heard of but most likely have never seen, like the Blumpkin, Dirty Sanchez, and the Bucking Bronco. Initially we started posting Urban Legend Clips on our first site ( but ended up spinning off another site ( dedicated to just the urban legends content because of their popularity. It seems these xxx urban legends are quickly becoming pop culture. We release new clips every week. Based on the ideas pouring in, we will never run out of ideas for new legends. is our original site and features clips from our Billy Glide’s XXX Adventures series. I think it was best described by AVN as “like the real world but with sex”. The formula for Billy Glide’s reality gonzo series is simple. You hand pick the hottest and horniest porn stars in the industry, take them to well known vacation spots, and let the mayhem begin! The cameras roll continuously, capturing not only the sex, but all the behind the scenes action too.

Everything is caught on film and you won’t find scripts or any fake orgasms in this series. All scenes are unrehearsed and shot live as they occur. The result is a hot 2-3 day sex party filled with tons of anal, gagging, squirting and gang bangs mixed in with the behind the scenes antics. “We never know who is going to have sex in a scene because these crazy porn stars just grab each other and go for it,” says Billy Glide.

Billy Glide’s XXX Adventure series totally separates itself from other so called reality porn with the crazy antics of a Jackass style crew. These guys are crazy! Everything from bringing home random vacationers to torturing pizza guys and “punking” unsuspecting crew and cast members is captured. Try to imagine The Real World meets Jackass with the hottest porn stars in the industry as the cast and you have Billy Glide’s XXX Adventure Series. Billy’s Casting Couch is going to be launched shortly. In the mean time, you can view all of the content at Unlike most so called “casting couch” series ours is the real deal. These are the hottest porn stars trying out for a spot on our next XXX Adventure. These are real tryouts with real motivation. This is an expensive trip, so we don’t want to take any lame wannabe girls. Porn starlets are put through a series of tests starting with teasing, then toy masturbation, and ending up with taking Billy’s massive cock in their ass. Members will ultimately get to vote on who goes on our next XXX Adventure. We are currently developing the code to allow members to cast their vote and show the results but for now you can see new tryouts weekly. The interactive element keeps members tuned in to see who is progressing and builds anticipation for our next trip.


Born: 1974
Place: USA
Hair Color: Brunette

Billy Glide is a muscle-bound porn stud whose sculpted physique and chiseled good looks quickly moved him into the hardcore spotlight. He’s a very good looking blue-eyed hunk with short hair, a winning smile and a massive member that’s his main drawing card. With his Adonis-like body and knack for tireless carnal performing, Billy Glide could reasonably be called a Peter North for the new millennium. Billy first eased his way into the hardcore scene in late 1995 with an appearance in ‘Fresh Faces #08.’ He got some work in a string of sexvids over the next year and a half, gradually picking up steam and name recognition as he began popping up more and more. By the late 90s he was known as one of the most reliable young studs in porn, a well-liked guy who was a favorite of both fans and performers alike.

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