Fayner Posts: Just talked to Jeff Mullen, who says this may well be the greatest porno party you’ll ever go to. Ever. I hope so.

See you there…

Bo Kenney, Sex Z Pictures and All Media Play are pleased to inform you that you and your guests are confirmed for Corruption: The Bash Saturday, November 11th with Red Carpet arrivals from 9PM until 10:30PM at   

This adult industry-only politically themed party will rock until at least 2AM and you are encouraged to bring extra girls even if they are not on the list. Extra dicks without chicks is not recommended. 

Groups of guys will NOT be let in even if they are on the confirmed list unless they have an equal or greater amount of girls with them- it is just that simple.  * Hint bring some girls

There is no valet parking and street parking will be extremely difficult, however the best place to park is in the pay lots near Hollywood & Vine and also Selma & Vine and then walk a couple of blocks to the venue.  Try the Palladium lot next door as there might be some space there.      

Corruption: The Bash is closed to the public. 

Corruption: The Bash will take place Saturday 9PM, November 11th at VIP RSVP list will be cut off Friday at 3PM

Open to porn starlets 18 & above.  You must be 21 to enjoy the complimentary cocktails featuring Krol Vodka.

Sex, lies and politics were never this good.  Are you ready for Corruption?   

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