Spencer Writes In: I used to hit your site daily.  I go off to fucking Asia and by the time I get back, it’s turned into……I dunno what the hell it turned into.

Where’s the dated posts?  Where’s the mignion?  Where’s the Fayner that pissed everybody off?  Man, you were metal.

The petulent behavior of you and TMFR was hilarious bombastic.  Your feud with Ms Carey, timely and poignent filled with pejorative rhetoric.    Your struggles with modern day orthodox judaism and public sex acts – oh wait, that’s the ORIGINAL Luke Ford…

Now it’s about porn promotion.  WTF??  It used to be most porn queens wanted to choke you.  THAT was good copy.  TLMR "Chief Editor"???  Dude, this chick doesn’t even know her salad fork from a tuning fork.  She has to sing "Happy Birthday" just to remember her name!

I know what the problem is.  You’re being laid on a consistent basis again and your fucking satiated.  No hunger, no primal drives, all needs met and you just wanna sleep.  And pimp out yer girl.

I’m gonna print out that wikipedia entry of yours and wipe my ass with it (no, not the glossy photo paper, that’s too expensive).

Fayner Says: Jeez, I didn’t know I’ve become so shitty. No, really, I didn’t. Thanks so much for telling me about this. I will make everything better, I promise.

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