Alleged Peeper Accused Of Spying From Attic

Maintenance Worker Finds Blanket, Pillow In Heating Vent

A Johnson County apartment resident is accused of peeping after apparently setting up a blanket and pillow and spying on another resident from inside her heating vent, KMBC’s Peggy Breit reported Thursday.The victim said she had no idea someone was spying on her from her attic at 119th Terrace and Birch Street. She said her heating vent wasn’t working, so she called for maintenance."When the maintenance men went up and checked on the heating, they found the duct had been disconnected from the vent. They found a blanket and pillow, and it was obvious that somebody from another apartment had gone up into the attic and had crawled across the attic and then pulled the vent connection from the ducts and had been watching her in various rooms in the apartment; watched probably while she was dressing or undressing," Officer Jim Weaver said.