She may be gone from the adult business, living in Vegas, looks like she brought the business to Vegas……………….

So, my girlfriend and I are near finishing one of our weekend "Pornstar Experiance" bachelor partys. The guys were super nice and seemed shy at first. Once my girlfriend and I started to get down the guys really loosened up. Concidering they were all trying so hard to impress one another, it was obvious they were buissness parteners. When it was time for lap dances they all got the "boss" a dance. Ya know? My girlfriend went to the other room as I was doing "one last show" where "anal" became a popular topic. I picked up Pinky my 14 inch double whammy, to their suprise. And fooled around with it on my tits for a minute and teased my precisely shaven wet pussy with it stroking back and fouth on my clit. I layed on my back faceing 18 men in suits and tommy bahama shirts with a smile. I shoved that fat pink rubber rod in my dripping wet pink pussy. I grabbed the other end, bending downdward and slowly pop the head in my ass. The room was way too quiet in perversion. So I stand up away faceing away and bend over as the dildo falls out of my pussy but stays tightly secure in my ass. A few pumps and the tips were flying. I went faster as hot anal lube dripping out all down my legs and on the floor. The boss man suggests really getting it in there deep, and they kept throwing more and more money at me, so I went deeper and deeper. One guy said 1 inch more and ill give you a hundered, so I did, then another guy says yeah, shove it all the way in and blink, and Ill give you a grand. I smiled and took a deep breath as my arse loosened within. My two fingers slimey from all the ass cum and strawberry flavored anal lube pushed the 14 inch "pinky" double whammy all the way in. I then, released "Pinky" to a place man has gone before. Spreading my two fingers with juce dripping on the floor, I pulled my ass cheek aside, and blinked my brown eye. The guys were going crazy at this point. My girlfriend at this moment is stepping back into the room curious as to what all the fuss was about, as I look back and say ready guys? , now noticing my friend shocked noticing me, and shot/shat it out of my ass! I think that was the most fun I have ever had. I wish I could have seen it for myself! The look on their faces was unforgetable. Ive gotta do it again and get it on camera. * Muah!*

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