Lionel RIchie Says He’s "The Greatest Porn Star"

Maira Oliveira – All Headline News Reporter

Los Angeles, CA (AHN) – Guess it’s a good thing we haven’t seen Lionel Richie butt naked across our television screens; the horror of it all would probably blind us. The swooning singer recently revealed he’s the king of the world – or so he thinks.

Lionel – adoptive father of stick-thin Nicole Richie – says he’s absolutely fabulous in bed, so fabulous, in fact, he could easily be considered the world’s greatest porn star. A la Jenna Jameson?

The R&B songwriter also insists his lovemaking skills are the inspiration behind his slow and sensual love songs. It’s all in the moves and in your tone of voice, baby.

According to, the 57-year-old just knows he’s got it going on and there’s nobody that can tell him otherwise. That’s right, he’s the greatest sex expert in his own mind.

He insists, "I am a legend in my own mind, the greatest porn star I know. You can’t be a love songwriter and not be the greatest porn star."

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