Sarah Gellar Plays Perfect Porn Star

Buffy the Vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar has revealed that she found her true calling when she played a porn star in her new film Southland Tales.

The star insists her sexy blonde look made her ideal for the role of sex siren Krysta Kapowski.

"When you look at me you just think – porn star! It’s like a calling really!" she was quoted by the Sun, as saying.

However, the actress refused to go as far as baring her breasts in her new movie.

"My trainer said to me: ‘So we’ve got to start getting you in shape for this topless scene.’

And I was like: ‘I’m sorry, what?’ And he said he had read somewhere that I had said I really wanted to take my top off in a movie.

But I immediately said to him: ‘To know me is to know that’s not true,’" she added.

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