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Hello Friends and Fans-

I have had a rough week. Yesterday was my 21st birthday, so I am a happy about that. SO don’t know if you really want to hear about everything that has been going on with me- I have just had an existing medical condition that is hereditary- I basically have what is called Ovarian Cists. I have actually not had a problem with them since I have 14 and I thought that I didn’t have to worry about them anymore. Birth control is supposed to keep them away, but last week I a few rupture; u don’t even really know u have them till this happens. I had switched to a low-hormonal birth control to help balance my moods more- but as it seems I need the regular kind. They are really painful along with a lot of other things- the worst part for me (and not for all women) is that my blood pressure drops which can be really bad. I spent a few days in the hospital and now I have gone to a specialist to get a colosopy (I spelled that wrong) to see if there is any cancerous activity. So as of right now I am taking it easy for two weeks. So I am sorry I haven’t written. I will write soon.

Always yours in Soul, Mind, & Spirit-
Eve Laurence

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