Fayner Posts: It’s been pretty mellow ’round these parts since Dez and Staci moved in. We do dinners every night with Taylor and Keith (yes, all six dogs, too. Plus, Tyler Rain as well, so I guess seven dogs) and take walks with the pooches. Being off drugs (well, AS well as I can…you know me!) and being around those who also refrain from partaking has finally made me realize that there is more to life than just being what I became. Thank God for my good friends who look after me.

So as I was saying, life is pretty boring ’round these parts.

Until now.

Sometime today, Monday, October 1st, 2007, Lisa Marie is moving in to our house. We are glad she’s coming, just sorta nervous about the tornado of debauchery that normally surrounds her.

But she’s promised to be good, says she wants to change her evil ways.


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