A case of indecent exposure at a place where you may shop

(FOLEY, Ala.) Sept. 25 — In the middle of a local WalMart, police say a man relieved himself sexually, on a young girl and then runs off. It happened at the WalMart Supercenter off Highway 59 in Foley. Police are now searching for the suspect they believe may have acted out before.

Taken in a crowded WalMart store in Foley, a surveillance video depicts a man in a green shirt, lingering on the right side of the screen. He’s not shopping, he’s stalking. Police say he’s fondling himself as he watches a 13-year-old girl across the isle and out of the camera’s view. After a while, investigators say he crosses the isle to violate the unsuspecting teen in an unimaginable way. Sergeant Tony Fuqua with the Foley Police Department describes what happened: “Then he went over to her and relieved himself sexually on the outer clothing of the 13-year-old.”

A woman, who asked not to be identified tells NBC 15 News she was shopping in the store and came across the frantic girl soon after the incident: “She had no idea what it was and she was crying because she didn’t know any better and she was in shock.”

The man, described as Hispanic with bushy hair, is seen in the surveillance tape walking out of the store after the incident. Police believe he drove off in a blue or possibly green car. They don’t know who he is, but believe this may not be his first time. “We have information that possibly the same person did something similar to this in the WalMart in the Daphne area.”

Another woman tells us she hopes this shocking story will be an eye-opener to all parents: “I have a lot of cousins that are 13 and 14, you know. A lot of parents drop off their kids at WalMart, to hang out with friends, even at the mall, and parents need to know the 13 and 14 year old children are targets.”

If you think you know who the man shown in the video attached to this story is, call Foley Police.

Meanwhile, WalMart tells NBC 15 their customer’s safety is a top priority and they are cooperating with authorities any way they can.

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