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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lindsay Salsky

Lindsay~ I hope you have a very Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed chatting with you last week it was so nice to finally have a chic in the chat room- Hope your special day is filled with joy and happiness.

Eve L.

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Hello Friends and Fans-

SO. . . everything is as hectic as ever I am finally catching up on my MySpace messages etc- I totally have been slacking on them. I have been talking with a good friend of mine that produces music in LA and when I return we are going to get into the studio and try to make some magic. That is really my Ultimate dream! I have a lot of emotional- pain and happiness locked inside of me and I would love to share my experiences and have my music touch people- I want people to feel my emotions through my music and see that there is really so much more to me. No girl from my Industry has ever successfully crossed over into the mainstream world- but if there ever was a girl to do it – it would be me. I my friend actually is very talented and has worked with many well known artists and still currently is today- he believes in me and would only give me the best of the best. I am planning on going to LA the Second week of October to start working on some projects- I hope things pop off like he says he is dedicated to doing- I feel as long as I have the drive in my heart, emotion in my song, and the support of my fans there is no obstacle I can not over come. I would like to really show the world what I am made of. I want to redefine what it is a woman of our time should be- Intelligent, Beautiful, & Sexually Aware ~n~ Confident. Times are changing and woman should no longer be oppressed by the sexual stigmas of our society. If woman have all the rights of men we should be free of sexual judgement/discrimation because we enjoy sex as a man does not mean we are whores. Honestly what is wrong with a woman who is confident in her sexual ability- I find it very sexy? Things are changing all over the world and I feel it is time for us as a society to change as well- I am an advocate of VOTING- if you area fan of mine you better go to the polls and vote- I am working on some incentives- Example: If u you show proof of voting in up coming elections, I will send u a signed photo or something (still a work in progress). ALSO SAFE SEX!!! Go get tested for HIV and other various sexually transmitted diseases- if you love you self and your loved ones~ take the 10 mins to protect your self. Then use condoms- I know it sucks- but that one time you don’t you could pay for it the rest of your life- you may not hear about anymore but sexually transmitted diseases are a huge problem. Loving your self and your partner(s) is taking responsibility. I know to some of you my words might seem like the rambles of a stupid 20 year old- but to you that take my words to heart- I send u all my love and thank you for being so supportive of me!

Always yours in Soul, Mind, & Spirit-

Eve Laurence

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