(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Britney Rears 3 is getting rave reviews raising the question is this the best porn movie of the year? Probably not but at least one prominent reviewer has gone on record suggesting that it is raising a few eyebrows around porn valley.

Just the mere mention of Britney Rears 3 starring porn’s hottest rising superstar Hillary Scott in the same sentence as ‘best movie’ is quite an achievement for the blockbuster series that blasted out of the gate in 2005 and is taking steady aim at becoming Larry Flynt’s biggest selling DVD for the second consecutive year.

Den of adult review site www.cavr.com sent Britney Rears 3 director Will Rider a congratulatory note after watching the movie and told him that, ”Britney Rears 3 is the best feature of the year so far.”

After falling off his barstool, Rider responded “Wow, that’s quite a nice thing for Den to say about Britney Rears 3. I guess he hasn’t seen Corruption yet.”

Rider was referring to the Sex Z Pictures’ upcoming blockbuster as he picked himself off the floor with the assistance of Hillary Scott, who was also knocked down in the process, the two resumed their discussion throwing down a couple of apple martinis. Ms. Scott also stars in Corruption.

Early word is that critics love Britney Rears 3 and Hillary Scott so much in fact that word of mouth is rapidly propelling this fun loving movie towards the top of the AVN sales charts. “I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes our biggest selling movie of the year,” stated Hustler’s creative director Drew Rosenfeld.Adult DVD Empire’s Spooky writes, “Hillary takes over the role of Britney Rears and the result is a Britney sequel that’s both fun and hardcore. In fact, this is the best Britney Rears movie yet.”

In his review at www.adultdvdempire.com he also calls the movie “Smart and hip. I enjoyed Britney Rears 3 quite a bit. The sex is well-shot and creative and the story proved to be more entertaining than I originally thought it would be. So the new Britney turned out to be a winner. I’m certainly looking forward to the next sequel after the groovy time I had watching Britney Rears 3.”

Set in the year 1974, the movie is all about time travel which results when Britney purchases a time machine off of eBay and transports herself along with Jasmine Byrne back into the era of soul music and early disco.

“First class and lots of fun for this superbly crafted movie,” writes Dr. Jay on www.adultdvdreviews.com who gave the movie a coveted Critic’s Choice Award.

“Will Rider deserves major kudos for the visual aesthetics he brought to Britney Rears 3,” Dr. Jay continues. “As one who actually lived through 1974, I can attest to the accuracy–and awfulness–of 70’s culture as lightheartedly portrayed in Britney Rears 3. It does a remarkable job spoofing the years of my youth–and I enjoyed the hell out of it! Be sure to put Britney Rears 3 on your must-see list!”

Don Houston of www.dvdtalk.com gives a ‘highly recommended’ rating and writes, “If this isn’t on your short list for purchasing, you’re going to miss out.” His rave review continues with “The technical values, extras, and amount of fuck for the buck were superior and the inclusion of the first movie as an extra was a great idea; earning the rating of Highly Recommended with ease”.

Rising superstar Hillary Scott manages to broaden her impressive resume with a delightful performance earning stellar comments. “Yep, Hillary Scott really is a superslut! And, she’s a damned good actress, delivering her lines flawlessly and believably throughout the many plot-advancing clips in the movie,” wrote Dr. Jay.

Referring to one of Hillary’s blistering sex scenes, this time with Kurt Lockwood, Dr. Jay writes “I loved every second of this scene! And, Hillary’s performance adds more support to my nomination of her for XRCO female performer of the year. You’ve gotta watch this scene for yourself,” he opined.

The praise continues for the movie and its star Hillary Scott.

“Hillary Scott (is) one of the hottest–and cutest–pornstars in the world right now. She’s an orgasmic oralist, orgasmic analist, and superslut. And, her sculpted tits are to die for! She certainly possesses star-of-the-year quality,” Dr. Jay concludes.

“One of the best choices in this regard was replacing the former Britney with hotty Hillary Scott,” stated Houston.

Roger Pipe of www.rogreviews gives the movie and A- rating and was also taken by the wild performance of Latina sweetie Jasmine Byrne. “Throw in Jasmine Byrne and you have an unbeatable tandem. Hillary and Depth (John E. Depth) heat things up and then Jasmine burns the whole place down with another fantastic scene. The real Britney may be old news, but thanks to (Hillary) Scott, a cute story, great sex and some humor, the porn version is still going strong.”

“If you haven’t seen Britney Rears yet, you are missing a porn spectacular. I was surprised it was this good when I watched it,” stated Hustler’s head of sales David Diamond.

Although I almost never give a second bonus star, I’m awarding a second bonus star for this movie’s superb portrayal of the 1970’s dance scene, original music, superb sets, wild costumes, and over-the-top hairdos” writes AdultDVDreviews.

Dvdtalk.com sums it all up by saying, “this was a winner all the way around (and) will make the movie AND Hillary Scott household names in no time.

The double disc Britney Rears 3: Britney Rears Gets Shafted package stars Hillary Scott, Jasmine Byrne, Alana Evans, Kat, Naomi, Melissa Martinez, Victoria Sweet and Jenna Presley and is in stores now from X-Play/Hustler Video. With over 8 total hours of footage, this Britney Rears collector’s pack contains more fuck for your hard earned buck.

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