Fayner Posts: That’s right, my oh my!

That’s pretty much my only thoughts after again just watching the wonderful Jenna Haze Dark Side directed by some guy named Jules Jordan. I think he’s new.

It’s so damn hot that even though Jenna is a friend of mine and Jules is a friend of mine I think about doing things to her every time I see her out at a party. Dirty things. Some even sexual.

And don’t pretend you haven’t either. It’s hard not to think nasty thoughts after watching Dark Side. I mean, the chick walks into a sex store and just invites guys to come over and get sucked off. And I know its just a movie, but to know Jenna is to know that if she was without a boyfriend and aching for cock in her mouth she might very well head down to the nearest sex shop and suck off some strangers.

And that is what being a porno star is all about. It’s not about box covers and easy cash; being the best damn whore one can be should be all that matters. And Jenna Haze shines brighter than any other in a long time. While she was off doing only girl-girl scenes, the rest of you were sleeping, taking everything for granted. Well, you know what? Jenna came back and has put every other one of you porno "stars" to shame!

So shame on you!

And praise to Jenna Haze!

I’m thinking the upcoming Torrid flick Jenna Haze’s Ravaged will also be pleasurable to watch and stroke to. But that’s just my guess.

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