Fayner Posts: I called up Ava Rose yesterday.

Fayner: Hi there.

Rose: (Crunch, crunch, crunch.) Hi. (Crunch, crunch, crunch.)

Fayner: What are you doing?

Rose: I’m (crunch) eating (crunch) Corn (crunch) Nuts (crunch).

Fayner: It sounds more like poached salmon.

Rose: No! (crunch) It’s (crunch) Corn (crunch) Nuts! I (crunch) love (crunch) them! (crunch crunch). I’m (crunch) addicted (crunch) to (crunch) them! Have (crunch) you (crunch) ever (crunch) had (crunch) a (crunch) Corn (crunch) Nut?

Fayner: Yes. My dog’s feet smell like them, too.

Rose: Really? (crunch) That’s (crunch) rad! (crunch).

Fayner: Wanna go get some ice cream?

Rose: (Crunch) I (crunch) can’t (crunch). I (crunch) gotta go to sleep early (crunch) ’cause (crunch) I’m (crunch) shooting for Penthouse (crunch) tomorrow (crunch). By the way (crunch) if you didn’t already know this (crunch) I’m addicted to nuts!

Fayner: Really?

Rose: Yeah! (crunch) Corn Nuts! (crunch)

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