TAYLOR RAIN WRITES (with editing by Fayner): I always try and think of things I can do for my fans. It use to be just makin movies and getting lots of fan mail once my fans would see my movies. Well I’m coming up now on my one year anniversary of being retired, no one thought I’d make it – well you were all wrong.

I’m happy in my life, I have my man, my pitbulls, my weed, my websites, get to see my mom and family a lot more now, get to do a lot of things I couldn’t do before.

My movie, “Taylor Rain’s Offroad Adventure” is about to ship next week and I was watching it last night and remembered how much fun I had hanging out with Naudia Nyce, Nadia Styles, Kylee King, Nate Dawg and Billy Glide, but most of all my fans. There were over 200,000 people there at Glamis, fuckloads of people coming up to me and taking photos with me, holler!!! This movie was all about fucking in the sand and also all about my fans, so I thought of another way to give back to my fans and to interact with them even though I’m retired now.

My business is all www.clubtaylorrain.com, that’s where I make my cheese now and it’s where I get to communicate and interact with my fans. Fans order custom videos that I make for them, and every time I do a live chat more and more people are in there, so that’s pretty cool.

I was thinking of a way to give back to my loyal fans, and I had an idea!!!! On the first every other month, I’m going to look at my member lists and all my members are going to get a present from me, autographed. Yup, another TMFR brilliant idea.

I’m not talking about a $4.99 trial member, to get a present from me you have to be a full 30 day recurring member.

– if you’ve been a recurring member of my site for one or two months, a free DVD autographed by me

– three, four and five months 2 autographed DVD’s and an autographed 8×10

– six months and more you get 3 autographed DVD’s plus an autographed 8×10 and Polaroid

– anyone signs up for the six month membership gets 5 DVD’s, an 8×10 a Polaroid and a phone call from me personally!!

Now remember, I’m gonna do this every 2 months. Starting in October, then in December, and so on every 2 months. And I’m gonna keep doing it every 2 months, so if you stay as a member, you keep getting free stuff from me.

As of right now I have a little over 1,200 members (no, not all full recurrings so I have to sort through the one timers), so that’s a lot of DVD’s to give away, but like I said, I love my fans and I want to make sure they know how much I appreciate them. So I chose to do this and I’m going to keep doing it!!! I may not be doing hardcore scenes anymore (except in the custom videos I’ve made for my fans), but this is a way for my fans to keep me in their hearts and their pants.

And remember, I do live Video Chats at least twice a week so you guys can all come hang out with me and watch me get naked and stick things in my twat and ass!!!

If you’re a member, get ready for some TMFR love in the mail!!!! If you’re not a member, it’s time to join. Hell for the price of a one month membership you’ll end up getting a DVD that costs more than the membership, plus get to see my hardcore photos and videos and bonus content plus live chat, it’s a win/win for you all around.

I already have this setup with my webmaster and him and Fayner have got about 2000 DVD’s of mine ready to go, plus I have tons of 8×10’s and Polaroid’s set to go!!! I’m hyped for this!

If you have any questions, email webmaster@clubtaylorrain.com

(Remember, to qualify you must be a recurring member of a minimum of one month, if you cancel, no present from me)

And for you fans of former Metro Contract Star Kelly Erikson, she’s doing the exact same thing on her website, which is www.clubhardcore.tv


TMFR- Happy 420


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