Fayner Posts: Sure, smoking weed is fun and all the kids are doing it so why shouldn’t you, but every now and then we see what the effects of massive marijuana intake can do to a person.

Example: Zero Tolerance’s Travis Nestor.

And yes, it’s possible Travis would be the same man whether he ever smoked weed or not, but we will assume the drug had something to do with his actions.

Now Travis has been known to lose a cellphone or two over the years I’ve come to know him as a friend. Nightclubs, Carl’s Jr, gay bathhouses; you name it, Travis has probably lost a phone there.

The sad thing is Travis usually has about 300 phone numbers in his phone every time he loses it, and just as you may have suspected, he never saves a backup of the list. I blame it on the marijuana.

So, if you know Travis and have been calling him lately you’ll notice the all-too-familiar, "This is Travis, I lost my phone again. Please leave your number as I’ve lost all of them" which resurfaces as much as Osama bin Laden.

But what Travis didn’t say in his message is where in fact he lost his phone (this time).

But his girl Jenna Presley filled me in, and instead of telling you where it is straight out let me offer this new message for Travis to leave on his voicemail.

"Hi, this is Travis. I’m really stoned. My phone is somewhere in my couch and I can’t seem to get to it ’cause the cushions don’t come off. I’m really stoned. Can anyone help me get my phone out of the couch? I’ll give them porno DVDs. Please? Leave a message."

Anyone skilled enough to flip a couch over and tear a corner of the fabric so that a phone can fall out and then flip it back to its normal state please contact Travis ASAP. Work references are required for this highly-skilled job.

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