Fayner Posts: There are tons of porno parties going on in Hollywood…almost one a day sometimes it seems, but as most of them are destined to suck a handful have some serious potential to kick serious ass! This Penthouse party (and the upcoming Britney Rears 3 release bash) are, as the hipsters say, not to be missed.

Usually you’d be lucky seeing eleven chicks at a party. How about eleven Penthouse chicks? Unheard of, right?

I’m going. You should too. Even if you have to stand in line for an hour trying to make eye-contact with the doorman. Even if it costs you $40 to get in. It shouldn’t matter.

But if you are unable to attend, please know that we will be there for you, and will provide you with the best and most blurry party pics money can buy!

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