Paris Hilton first broke the law this morning and now has broken her vow of celibacy – after less than a month.

The hotel heiress revealed 21 days ago that she’d had a bet with a group of friends, nicknamed the "single girls club", to see who could last the longest without sex.

However, Paris – who insisted she would "kiss but do nothing else" – has lost the wager after reportedly spending the night with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

After meeting just the week before at a nightclub, the pair were spotted separately sneaking into a Los Angeles hotel on Monday.

The blonde socialite and the newly single musician – who only split from his wife two months ago – first hooked up at the city’s Pure Nightclub.

A witness told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: "Before long they were making out on one of the VIP beds. They were groping and grinding with their clothes on.

"All her friends and her sister Nicky were there looking stunned."

The raunchy couple then gave the crowd even more of a show when they headed to strip club Spearmint Rhino in a limousine.

A source revealed: "Their steamy show in their limo, near the rear VIP private entrance, was more sizzling than the lap dances inside.

"Guys were standing around watching."

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