Fayner Posts: Remember back a few months when Jenna decided to protest outside the Albertson’s supermarket in Woodland Hills because she felt something needed to be done about the poorly-dressed employees? Me too.

Well, from what I just read regarding this from an executive at the company, Jenna’s fight to get the employees to wear clothes that match has finally paid off!

"The young lady who sat outside in the hot sun all day has made us rethink our uniform policy," he says in a press release. "We kind of dig what she had on that day…fishnets, mini-skirt, bra as a shirt…and we are now incorporating Jenna’s look into our stores nationwide!"

"I’m so thrilled!" Jenna said through her PR Guru/Suitcase Pimp Travis Nestor. "Maybe now all of America will see just how important it is for the shopping public to feel safe from poorly matched market employees! This is a victory for all fashion-conscious Americans, not just me!"

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