Fayner Posts: Basically, I am currently mid-way thru a week-long marathon,…well maybe more like a week-long jamboree…of having to endure the constant barrage from not just one mother, but one mother and two other women who enjoy unleashing wave after wave of mothering upon me and my weary shoulders.

Three mothers sucks. Well, having three mothers sucks. Having you way with three mothers not related to you is another story though…

Okay, so I got Taylor outside with my mother talking about what clothing of mine should be thrown away and how come I always come into town with allergies (think about it) and my sister is going through my shit telling me I use the wrong soap and if you oil the wheels on your suitcase every four months the suitcase can last an average of 2.3 more years if stored away in a proper temperature while not being used…

You feelin’ my pain yet?

Okay, so Taylor has had some sort of pink eye and she’s on the rag and sleeping on a single mattress in an attic where you can’t stand up all the way or you’ll bang your head and there’s no smoking in the house so when she’s sitting there and the xanax hasn’t kicked in yet and she wants to scratch her swollen eye she has to walk all the way across the room and down a dangerous spiral staircase where basically your body is scraping alongside the wall as you go up or down and then all the way across the house JUST TO HAVE A FUCKING SMOKE which tends to get a little bit crabby and not too happy because, well, because she’s Taylor. I mean, her bag of weed doesn’t even fit on the bed!

So Taylor is in the shower right now and I’m going thru all the pictures we’ve taken and many of them are taken of Taylor at times described in the paragraph above. People hardy look their best in the morning. When they’re sick its much worse. Don’t pretend you have no idea what I’m talking about here.

Alright, so what I thought would just be one simple line asking readers if they are turned on by sick women has become what I have just written for no other reason than to help release some backed up aggression I’ve been harboring for some days now from having to deal with two Jewish mothers and a non-Jewish one who says she’s Jewish ’cause she once met a rabbi and in her eyes that makes her a Jew…that being Taylor, of course.

So is this a look some dudes (or chicks) get turned on by? Seeing a chick (or dude) with puffy eyes and a stuffed up nose in the morning?

Let me know kids, ’cause I’ll send some classics of Taylor blowing her nose and her eye barely open right over to you. But to get these you also have to guess what nickname I call my mother’s dog, Jesse.

Let me know.

Oh, and if you hear about sokme guy who killed three women on Nantucket, it was me.

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