Fayner Posts: These are the top ten things people have said to me since we’ve been here on Nantucket.

10) What, you only brought ONE porno star with you? You suck!

9) How many STDs do you have right now?

8) Will Taylor have sex with me if I buy you a drink?

7) Someone told me you have a terrible cock!

6) Oh, you’re the porno guy everyone is talking about! Gross! Why the fuck did I just shake your hand?

5) Can you get Taylor to autograph my balls?

4) What do I have to do to get Taylor to come to my house and wake up my dad naked? He’s a huge fan of hers!

3) You’re not her boyfriend, right? I mean, c’mon! You must be her brother ’cause she’s too hot for you!

2) I have ten girls at my house that want to lick pussy…you should get her to come with me!

1) Are you looking for male talent?

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