Fayner Posts: There’s this guy Michael Richardi who worked at Hustler at the same time as me. He quit this past fall and headed out to Central and South America for three months. One of his stops was Peru.

Mike is now back living on Cape Cod and came over to Nantucket for a few days to see taylor and I. The following story was told to me by Mike. I was drunk so some of the less-important details may be a bit skewed.

While there Mike decided to ask a taxi driver to get him some marijuana. Sure! the guys said and off they went.

Going from shitty neighborhood into shittier neighborhood the cab finally stopped in a dark field.

Two men entered the back seat where Mike was sitting from either side, one sticking a metal object into his side while demanding his money. Mike reached over and felt that it was a metal pipe and not a gun that was being pressed against his side.

Being a tough guy from Massachusetts, Mike decided to fight his way out of the situation. The scuffle poured out of the back seat and into the dirt. The man holding the pipe smashed Mike in the head twice hard. Mike grabbed the pipe with his left hand and with his right he beat the guy to a pulp. His friend ran off. Mike dropped the dude and took off into the night. He tripped over something, discovered that it was a pre-made hole for disposing of dead bodies.

The cab sped off and Mike ended up walking for a bit and then getting on a public bus to get him back to his hostel. Everyone was staring at him. He thought it was just because he was white.

It wasn’t. His face was drenched in blood. Mike got off the bus and washed up at a store. He then drank a beer and had a cigarette. When he told a local friend what had happened the guy told him, "You are one lucky person. They must have thought you were Canadian."

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