Police: Worker Taped Women In Beach’s Bathroom

from the AP

Authorities said women who used a public bathroom in New Jersey were being spied on by a hidden camera. A man whose job it was to maintain bathrooms at a beach in Long Beach Township has been accused of secretly taping the females who used it. Scott Hampton, 27, has been suspended from his job and charged with official misconduct.

Authorities alleged that Hampton installed a wireless camera in a women’s bathroom, then secretly recorded users and transmitted the images to his home computer.

Police found the camera after a local delicatessen reported that its newly installed wireless surveillance system was receiving images of a nearby public restroom. Officers went there and discovered a camera. Its wireless system operates in a 500-foot range, and police said they were able to trace the images to Hampton’s home. The images are being reviewed to see whether they include pictures of children. If they do, Hampton could also be charged with child endangerment. All the bathrooms Hampton had access to as a laborer have been inspected, but no other suspicious equipment has been discovered.

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